Santa Claus Charning Peters surprised special children of Nigeria with Christmas gifts

Charning Peters flew to Nigeria Lagos last week in the disguise of Santa Claus to share the mirth of Christmas with kids in orphanages as well as the special kids with physical disabilities.

London, UK – December 20, 2017 – With the holiday season round the corner, we are all busy packing Christmas gifts for the little ones in our family. But what about the poor kids in the orphanages and the special kids who hardly have anybody to send them holiday gifts? Well, famous motivational speaker and leading FX trader Charning Peters preferred to think otherwise this holiday season. The award winning author flew straight to Nigeria Lagos in the disguise of Santa Claus to share the joy of Christmas with the underprivileged orphan kids as well as the physically disabled children there with a huge bunch of amazing gifts.


The Santa Claus event took place on December 13 at at 30, Ajao Road, Surulere, Nigeria Lagos. The King of Kings has always won hearts with his generous deeds and this time too it was no exception.

Interestingly, Peters’ camouflage as the loving Santa was so convincing that the kids could not recognise him initially. After all the gifts were delivered, the famous motivational speaker revealed himself gradually only to be embraced with wealth of warm little hugs from the elated tiny tots all across the room.


“It was a wonderful experience”, Peters remarked while speaking of his recent Santa stint for the Nigerian kids.

“It’s always a different kind of pleasure to make kids happy and to see their faces lighting up in joy is an experience of lifetime. I feel myself fortunate to be able to share the mirth and merriment of Christmas with these little children. And honestly it felt like being on seventh heaven when those tiny tots rushed to hug me with stretched arms and bright smiles.”

Peters’ Santa stint was a part of the initiatives of his charitable organization “Charning Peters Foundation”. The foundation is dedicated to improve the lives of disabled kids and to bring hope & awareness about the amelioration of the orphanages and blind and deaf communities.


Although the Santa Claus event in Nigeria was hugely successful and received with elation, Peters himself had to face a lot of difficulties while flying to Nigeria last week. His flight was cancelled almost on the 11th hour and he practically had to fight to get to Nigeria. Moreover, his suitcase got lost in the chaos and it took him a few days to reclaim his lost luggage. But nothing could dampen this Santa’s spirit and somehow he managed to reach up to those poor kids in the nick of time.

“I was determined to reach up to those little kids at any cost and I did. Nothing can come in between my love for those little souls.”

A fighter to the core, Charning Peters has been suffering from hearing issues since his childhood. But he did not let his disability come in the way of his dreams and today he is a leading Forex trader, an award winning author and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers of the world.

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