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Paparazzi went wild as Charning Peters stepped in at UK Business Angels Association event

Award winning author and famous trader Charning Peters sent the paparazzi wild when he attended the premier UK Business Angels Association event at The Dorchester Hotel.

London, United Kingdom – July 10, 2017 – Legendary professional trader Charning Peters sent the paparazzi into frenzy as he stepped in at the famous Park Lane to attend the esteemed UK Business Angels Association event last June. The award winning author and motivational speaker is hailed as the King of Kings in his community for his imperial success and indomitable spirit despite his challenging disability.Click Here for Expand



Renowned author and motivational speaker Charning Peters’ recent visit to Nigerian school Wesley School was a huge motivation for the hearing impaired students there. His powerful talks encouraged them to look towards a brighter future despite disabilities. Click Here for Expand

Five Signs of a Toxic Friendship

Platonic friendships are some of the most important relationships we have in our lives. They often last longer than other types of relationships. The presence of even one true friendship in our lives can be healing and inspiring. However, we may sometimes have difficulty identifying a previously good friendship as toxic. We can be so desperate to keep a long-cherished connection alive that we overlook the signs that it is no longer serving us. If a friendship has become toxic, it is usually necessary to distance ourselves from it in order to thrive and make room for healthier relationships. Below are five common signs of a toxic friendship. Click Here For Expand

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