5 Ways Small Businesses Can Fight the Big Dogs

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It doesn’t matter what small business you make – chances are high that you’ll find yourself matched against tough competition. It doesn’t matter what you offer either, someone out there has a product that fights for the same market you do. Small businesses have succeeded in the past, so clearly precedent is there. All you have to do is learn how to fight against a larger, richer, and more well-established business.

4 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Make the Most Out of Their LinkedIn Account

Difference between being a professional or an amateur

Difference between being a professional or an amateur

LinkedIn, to a smart entrepreneur, is more than just a set of resumes. It’s a powerful tool, one that can actually rival Facebook and Twitter in terms of impact on a startup. LinkedIn is full of useful information and while it’s primarily filled with professionals, it’s still a social network that can serve as a marketing point. Here are a few ways you can up your startup game using LinkedIn.

How to Connect with Your Team

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When your team performs well, your business will thrive and become that much more profitable. However, you must first learn to connect with your team so that you can motivate them to put in their best effort at all times. Connecting with other people is not as difficult as some might think, but knowing the proper steps is a big help for anyone who wants to enhance their leadership skills. You must understand how to relate to others if you want to encourage and inspire them to work together and to improve. So, connecting with your team must become an ongoing effort if you want to achieve the best possible results. 

6 Steps to Successful Business Networking: How to Get the Job

Businessman drawing New Job concept

Businessman drawing New Job concept on blurred abstract background

Most people assume that companies aim to hire the most qualified candidates with potential to advance quickly and make an immediate impact. The truth is that companies often fall short in this regard. Hundreds of resumes pour into firms for a single opening, and it can be impossible to sort through them all and find the best applicant. This is why networking is so important for getting a job and advancing your career. Networking with former or current employees can be a difference-maker in the hiring process. Here are six steps to successful business networking.

How to Keep Your Team Motivated and Inspired

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No business can succeed without the efforts of a capable team. But as a manager or business owner, it is your job to develop leadership skills so that you can motivate, encourage and inspire your team to reach higher levels of success. When you put in the effort to increase the productivity of your team, your business will enjoy more profitability than you once thought possible. Keeping your team moving in the right direction, however, is not always as easy as it might seem.

5 Tips to Being a Great Boss

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One of the main sources of complaints for employees is their relationship with the boss. However, if you own a business, you probably already know how important your staff’s well-being is. Here are five tips to keeping your staff satisfied – and your business more productive.

A Brief Guide to Scalping for Day Traders

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Stock prices constantly change throughout the day. Some rarely stay the same for even a second! Just take a look at the intra-day charts of some of the most active stocks like Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL). What if you could take advantage of these split-second changes in the stock price? If you’re up to the challenge (and have the stamina to do dozens to hundreds of trades a day), then scalping might be the day-trading strategy for you……

Entrepreneurship: 6 Skills All Wealthy People Have


Consistent and reliable wealth does not come without skill. You can get a burst of income if you’re very lucky, but if you want to keep your money, you’ll need a specific set of skills. These skills will help set you apart from other entrepreneurs and will help you captain a company into the realm of profit and financial independence. Fortunately these are skills anyone can learn. Here are a few of the more important ones…….

5 Things You Need to Be Doing If You Want to Be a Millionaire


There are more million-dollar businesses today than there have ever been. According to recent surveys, over 10 million households earn more than a million dollars. Information is easier to find than it has ever been and several entrepreneurs are using this technology to find mentors, funding and conduct market research. All of the information you need to make a million dollars is out there……..