5 Ways to Instantly Appear More Confident

Confidence is a strange thing. Unlike wealth and other factors that make up how a person is perceived, simply acting confident is the same as being confident. Many people find that enacting the characteristics of a self-assured individual gradually makes them more confident. Here are five ways to show confidence you can begin practicing today.Click Here To Expand

How to Connect with Your Team

When your team performs well, your business will thrive and become that much more profitable. However, you must first learn to connect with your team so that you can motivate them to put in their best effort at all times. Connecting with other people is not as difficult as some might think, but knowing the proper steps is a big help for anyone who wants to enhance their leadership skills. You must understand how to relate to others if you want to encourage and inspire them to work together Click Here For Expand

How to Keep Your Team Motivated and Inspired

No business can succeed without the efforts of a capable team. But as a manager or business owner, it is your job to develop leadership skills so that you can motivate, encourage and inspire your team to reach higher levels of success. When you put in the effort to increase the productivity of your team, your business will enjoy more profitability than you once thought possible…Click Here For More

Don’t Measure Your Success With Another Person’s Yardstick

It’s natural to want to be good at things.  It makes us feel good about ourselves.  When we succeed, we feel validated, but how do we measure our success?  For many people, success is measured by comparing themselves to others.  This comparison, however, is usually not a good idea.  It’s not only unfair to both parties, but it’s not even a valid way to assess the situation.  Many times, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.  Here are some reasons you should avoid comparing yourself to others….Click Here For More…

5 Tips to Being a Great Boss

One of the main sources of complaints for employees is their relationship with the boss. However, if you own a business, you probably already know how important your staff’s well-being is. Here are five tips to keeping your staff satisfied – and your business more productive.

1. Don’t Be a Jerk: When you make a promise to your employees, do everything within your power to keep it. That shows how much you appreciate them and the hard work they put into your business. If you’re not sure whether you will be able to grant a request, ask for some time to think about it, and come back with a definitive answer…Click Here For More….

The Secret To Happiness

Happy people's portraitsAsk the average person what they want in life and most will reply “happiness.” Of course, //any article on this subject is limited:// what makes one individual happy may depress another, and the wheel of fortune is forever turning. //But// Even if no simple answer exists, the following are always worth trying:..Click Here For More

Best Friends

“If Riddick likes you, you’ve got a brave heart Chris.” Antwone is quite the opposite, the strong leader type, willing to stand out on the leading edge of confrontations while Chris, the next door neighbor, in a rough neighborhood, is meek, humble and open to harsh unkind bully attacks. Riddick, Antwone’s six month old German Sheppard has a special sense when it comes to people and their personalities. Not a vicious pet but not an easy dog to befriend. Even though Riddick is still considered a pup, he has the uncanny sense to detect the personalities of anyone who tries to get near. Click here for more

5 Great Tips for Entrepreneurs Who Want to Be Great Communicators

Most people like to think they’re great communicators. Unfortunately, that’s often not the case. While most people can get away with it, entrepreneurs can’t. Every time they miscommunicate their idea or intent, they hurt their startup. It could be a small thing like using the wrong colour on a picture, or it could be something as destructive as failed negotiations. Here are a few tricks that can make you a better communicator.

1.    Pay Attention to Body Language

Many times, you’ll be speaking from a position of authority as an entrepreneur. This can make it difficult for people to speak their mind, despite any encouragement from you to do so. Customers may hesitate to voice their opinions in your store, and your employees will never be completely open to you no matter what you do… Click here for more


 Leading motivational speaker and award-winner author Charning Peters’ motivational speech at his recent event “How To Find Your Own Greatness” at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Mayfair, on May 6, left the audience smitten, inspired and confident.

London, UK – 23rd May, 2016 – Greatness attains a new height when a widely-recognized handicap such as deafness cannot come in the way of attaining success and this very philosophy was highly championed at popular mentor Charning Peters’ recent motivational event at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Mayfair. Click here for more

Award-Winning Author Charning Peters’ New Book Empowering To Succeed Despite Disability

Award winning author, successful Forex trader and international motivational speaker Charning Peters has recently launched his latest book that empowers millions to strive for success in spite of disabilities like deafness

London,UK,12th April 2016: All those who are afraid to try for success given their physical disabilities seem to have an inspiring guide now- award winning author and international mentor Charning Peters has recently launched his new book “Deaf And Wealth: The Professional Guide To Becoming A Successful Trader” that shows disabilities like deafness is never a limitation to success but a gift. – Click here for more




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