5 Ways to Stay Young in Mind

As you grow older, you’ll notice some unavoidable symptoms of aging, such as gray hair and wrinkles. But there’s nothing to stop you staying young in mind. A youthful approach to life will make you appear younger than you are, and draw the respect of young people. Keeping in touch with modern thinking and lifestyles will bring you closer to your children and grandchildren, helping you understand their viewpoints and behaviour. It’ll help you feel more positive about life, too. For all these reasons, it’s worth staying young in mind. Here are five ways to do so.

Portraits of people thinking

1. Go out and meet people

Meet up with friends, preferably in a public place rather than your house or theirs. That way you can see another part of life, and be part of it too. You could also join a study class or interest group, where you’ll meet new people and make new friends. Then you can arrange some outings together, for example, one to the theatre and another to a modern gallery. How about applying to be in a studio audience, perhaps for a popular comedy show? Every time you step out into the whirl of society, you’ll return feeling invigorated. As for your social life, it’ll be swinging like it did in your student days.

2. Watch the programs your grandchildren watch

Keep your mind open by following the latest ideas and attitudes. Watch the TV programs your children and grandchildren select, to tap into today’s hot topics, tastes, and humor. Even if the programs don’t appeal to you, it’s worth watching a few to see what makes young people tick; besides, you may warm to them after a few episodes. Discuss them with your young relatives too; they’ll enjoy airing their views and hearing yours. Dip into their favourite chat and music programs on the radio; then you can discuss those as well.

3. Follow the fashions

Teenage fashion may not be for you, but that shouldn’t stop you from keeping up with the latest thinking on style and image. It’ll help you understand why your grandchildren dress so differently from how you did at their age, and they’ll appreciate this. Learn the terms given to popular garments and accessories, and for different hair styles and ornaments, so you can discuss them with ease.

4. Follow debates and discussions

Young people often feel misunderstood by their seniors, so show your young relatives and acquaintances that you’re different. Follow student forums online, tune into media debates, or just eavesdrop in your local bar or café. Your children and grandchildren will enjoy discussing topical matters with you, and will be impressed by your up-to-date knowledge and modern outlook.

5. Keep up with modern technology

The arrival of the Internet has changed people’s lifestyles dramatically in recent years. Some older people find computers baffling and prefer to keep to traditional ways, but if you want to keep up with modern times, you’ll need to be computer literate, or at least willing to learn. If you’re reading this, you clearly have no problem, and will be able to keep in touch with your young relatives online. If you haven’t joined up with any social media channels yet, it’s probably time you did. Check out which ones your children and grandchildren use, and follow suit. Then you can follow their lives and views, and keep in touch however suits them best.

People are living longer than ever before, so however old you are, look forward with the rest and live life to the full. But be proud of your maturity too. You have a wealth of experience and wisdom to share, which your younger friends and relatives will be glad to draw from. So walk tall, and let your modern mindset inspire others!