5 Ways to Instantly Appear More Confident

Confidence is a strange thing. Unlike wealth and other factors that make up how a person is perceived, simply acting confident is the same as being confident. Many people find that enacting the characteristics of a self-assured individual gradually makes them more confident. Here are five ways to show confidence you can begin practicing today.

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Happy boy teenager and cat walking with balloon on a tight rope above clouds with moonlight moon background. Happiness care free concept.

Walk With Purpose

If you picture a confident and successful person at the office or in social situations, do they amble along, head facing down, or they seem to know exactly where they’re going? Keep your back straight and head up. Then, picture where you’re going in your mind’s eye and continue walking in this way until you get there. This is also great advice for foreign travellers trying to fit in and not appear lost and vulnerable, and works well in any public situation.

Slow Down

In public speaking and communication in general, a slow, calm manner of speaking comes across as far more confident than a rushed one. If you’re nervous about a speech, keep practicing until you know your script well. Then, think about the rhythm and flow of what you’re saying to sound natural. It’s tempting to speak quickly to get it over with, but that can get in the way of people understanding you and make you appear more nervous. When talking to people, it’s fine to stop occasionally to think for a few seconds if you’re unsure of what to say. This gives the impression that you’re considering what the other person is saying. Instead of constantly thinking of what to say next, make sure you practice being a good listener.

Mind Your Hands and Feet

Nervousness has a funny way of moving through the body to your extremities. It’s not uncommon to see people kicking their feet or twiddling their hands during job interviews or tricky social situations. Also be aware that you’re not fiddling with pens or other items on the table. This can be quite distracting and is often a sign that you’re not feeling confident. Keep your body relatively still, focusing on your breathing to abate your nervousness. You’ll come across as far more assertive.


It may sound trite, but studies have shown that smiling tricks your brain into feeling happier. Confident people tend to radiate happiness and charisma, and smiling is an easy way to show this. If you often find yourself unable to smile comfortably in photos, practicing in the mirror is a great way to find a pose that looks natural. Over time, you’ll start doing this without thinking about it, and this can apply to any social situation.

Realize Confidence is Just Perception

It’s liberating to approach social situations with the realization that confidence is just how people perceive you. It’s not a reflection of your innate character. Realizing this means that you can put aside negative thoughts like, “I’m always too shy” or, “I’ll make a fool of myself again.” Make it your mission to appear confident from now on. Picture what a calm, successful and confident person looks like and begin to emulate that.

Confidence is a valuable trait in today’s world. When you think of successful and happy people, you tend to picture them as highly confident. Practice appearing confident today and you’ll soon find it’s part of your natural mindset.