Paparazzi went wild as Charning Peters stepped in at UK Business Angels Association event

Award winning author and famous trader Charning Peters sent the paparazzi wild when he attended the premier UK Business Angels Association event at The Dorchester Hotel.

London, United Kingdom – July 10, 2017 – Legendary professional trader Charning Peters sent the paparazzi into frenzy as he stepped in at the famous Park Lane to attend the esteemed UK Business Angels Association event last June. The award winning author and motivational speaker is hailed as the King of Kings in his community for his imperial success and indomitable spirit despite his challenging disability.

The event was held at The Dorchester Hotel on 06/07/2016.


It was around 7 p.m. on the day of the event when Peters’ car arrived at the parking lot of Dorchester Hotel. The UK Business Angel Association event is one of the most high profile events of the year and naturally draws media and paparazzi in huge number always. An enormous bunch of paparazzi were already stationed near the hotel long before the start of the event. The moment Peters’ chauffeur drove the car to the parking area, the whole bunch went wild and rushed to the vehicle for at least one shot of the King of Kings.


To avoid the maddening crowd, the chauffeur drove the car straight to the ballroom but the desperate paparazzi duly followed him there as well with their eager shutters. However, Charning seemed to be very smart at handling the crazy cameras and allowed them to take his photo.


Charning Peters was further received by much admiration as he took his stand at the event. His warm bright smile always shows the man of substance that he is and this time too it’s his brilliant demeanour that made him stand out in the crowd. The meet proved to be a promising portal for him to seek right investors who can scale up his business to further heights. He had already generated widespread interests regarding his trading business and the event brought to him a huge number of people who were genuinely curious about his offerings. A lot of attendees were eager to know about him and some of the founders and angels showed great interest in him and his profession.


“It was an amazing experience for me to attend the elite UK Business Angels Association event at the The Dorchester Hotel. I have been looking out for the right investors who will help me to grow my business. It was good to see most of the investors were interested in my business”, Peters noted while talking about his experience at the event.

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Charning Peters is the living example of triumph against adversity and handicaps. He has been suffering from deafness since the age of 5 and had a struggling childhood. But no such challenge could bog him down and today he is one of the most successful Forex traders in the world. He is often invited for his motivational speeches around the world. He also runs his own trading academy and is a widely acknowledged teacher-mentor for people who want to know how to be a profitable trader like him.

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