Charning Peters motivated Wesley School students to aim for success despite disability

Renowned author and motivational speaker Charning Peters’ recent visit to Nigerian school Wesley School was a huge motivation for the hearing impaired students there. His powerful talks encouraged them to look towards a brighter future despite disabilities.


Place, Date: Wesley School students are more confident now than ever, despite their repressing adversities like hearing imparity. All thanks to none other than the living inspiration Charning Peters.The award-winning author and globally renowned motivational speaker seemed to have infused a new wave of hope in them in his recent visit to the school and the kids are all charged up to strive for success in life in spite of their challenges.


Nigerian kids suffering from disabilities usually lack the courage to dream of a successful life. Unfortunately, the country lacks sufficient funding to incorporate technology and resources needed to create a conducive and fulfilling academic atmosphere for the special needs children. But Charning’s visit to the school this month made things wee better for these kids here. He visited Wesley School 1 and 2 on June 5th and encouraged the students to aspire and work towards a meaningful life undermining their physical challenges. His visit and powerful talks helped the hearing impaired students to realize that when a person with the same disability as them has been able to teach to the peak, they too can.


Mr. Peters is one of the most influential figures to look up to when you need the drive to make your mark amidst hardships in life. He himself has been deaf since his childhood but nothing could stop him from his passion to scale up in life. Today he is one of the most successful Forex traders and even provides training to budding traders. His book “Deaf And Wealth, The Professional Guide to Becoming a Successful Trader” has been highly acknowledged by several quarters.

“It was a great experience to visit Wesley School in Nigeria and to motivate the kids over there. Children are the future of our society and it always feels very fulfilling to inspire them to fight through challenges towards prosperity- even if the hardships are as difficult as deafness. I gave them my example and showed them how it’s not impossible to dream for and achieve success in life even for a hearing impaired person if one has the zeal to aim high, think positive and work real hard. I am looking forward to see these little ones shaping themselves into power figures in the coming years”, noted Peters while talking about his experience at the Wesley School.


He is aware of the lack of financial backup to provide special educational resources as per the particular needs of the disabled children. Thus, he has decided to launch ‘Charning Peters Foundation’ which is dedicated to support disabled pupils with easier access to information and accommodation- that would eventually help then to study and fight for success in life.


“It is of utmost importance to raise and enhance awareness for the needs of disabled children. We all have to join hands to create a better academic environ for them which will assure them they actually have hopes to receive proper education and gain exposure to world knowledge despite their physical challenges.” Charning added in.


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