5 Tips to Being a Great Boss

One of the main sources of complaints for employees is their relationship with the boss. However, if you own a business, you probably already know how important your staff’s well-being is. Here are five tips to keeping your staff satisfied – and your business more productive.

Group of people and leader in business

1. Don’t Be a Jerk: When you make a promise to your employees, do everything within your power to keep it. That shows how much you appreciate them and the hard work they put into your business. If you’re not sure whether you will be able to grant a request, ask for some time to think about it, and come back with a definitive answer. 

2. Be Honest: If you can’t bother to tell your employees the truth, say nothing at all. For example, don’t use cheap excuses if you can’t pay them on time. If your lies are revealed -and they will be, sooner or later- your staff will feel betrayed. On the other hand, if you try to explain the situation to them, they will probably understand. 

3. Pay on Time: Your employees should be your top priority, even if you have other obligations to pay. Always keep in mind that they too have responsibilities, bills, and families to take care of. Being unable to make ends meet will fill your staff with stress and dissatisfaction, which will affect their performance on the job.

4. Don’t Take Sides in Fights: Conflict is inevitable in the workplace. Your employees are forced to spend a lot of time together without necessarily liking each other. When a problem occurs, don’t rely on gossip to find out the truth. Get the facts, and deal with the situation as quickly and quietly as possible. That way, conflicts get resolved efficiently, and things get back to normal fast.

5. Be Kind: You want your staff to respect you, but you don’t want them to hate you or -worse yet- be afraid of you. Don’t be cold and unapproachable. Help your employees feel comfortable around you, and be willing to listen to their opinions and ideas. You will find that as your relationship with your employees evolves, your on-the-job communication will improve as well.

If you want productive employees who care about their job, you’ll have to make sure they are satisfied working with you. Cultivate meaningful relationships with your staff, and show them how much you appreciate them. After all, these people are not mere tools for your success; they are the backbone of your business.