King of Kings Charning Peters sets the record of driving £500,000 Lamborghini

World-famous motivational speaker and award winning author Charning Peters creates a new record by being the first deaf person in the world to drive a £500,000 Lamborghini.

Place, Date: Award winning author Charning Peters has recently set a new record which is sure to inspire all who are afraid to try for success out of the fear of disability. The famous motivational speaker grabbed the headlines of late by driving a £500,000 Lamborghini in the streets of London. He is the only ONE out of 70 million deaf people in worldwide to drive a Lamborghini!

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The drive took place on September 23, 8 p.m. at Cheval Gloucester Park, South Kensington, London. The King of Kings (as Charning is hailed as in his community), commands a huge fan following and in just a few days the video of his drive has garnered 28,000+ views and 2,000 Likes on YouTube. His magnanimous appeal even made the manager at Cheval Gloucester upgrade his hotel room when he realized how popular Charning is in his community.


“It feels good to set a new record. The drive was amazing. It has been my long cherished dream to steer a Lamborghini someday and I am glad that I could realize it. But more importantly, I want this record to serve as an inspiration to all the deaf or somehow disabled people out there. I wish them to realize that nothing can come in the way of your dreams and success if you have the zeal to work for it. My mission is to empower people who feel they can’t succeed in life or find it difficult to execute their business ideas”, stated Charning Peters while asked about the drive.


Speaking further, the renowned speaker and Fx trader stressed about his goal to spread deaf awareness. A high profile figure of inspiration, Peters is approached by countless fans every other day. Most of them assume that he is hearing. He has to explain to them about his hearing disability so that these fans can change their approach and start communication with gesture.

“It’s high time that we take active initiatives to bring deaf awareness. People who are deaf can’t hear and hence while talking to them people should be slightly more cautious to use gestures for communications. It has happened to me a lot of times in the past. Time and again I had to explain to my fans to communicate with gestures. I think things would be a lot easier if people start getting aware on how to interact with those with hearing disabilities.”

A man of  great motivation, Charning Peters has been suffering from hearing disability from the age of 5. But despite such difficulties and a troubled childhood, he did not give up. Rather he banked on his courage and hard work to pursue his dreams with all he has. Today he is a highly successful Forex trader and trainer and is often invited around the world for his inspiring speeches.

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