Charning Peters Left Audience Motivated & Inspired at recent Motivational Event

 Leading motivational speaker and award-winner author Charning Peters’ motivational speech at his recent event “How To Find Your Own Greatness” at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Mayfair, on May 6, left the audience smitten, inspired and confident.

London, UK – 23rd May, 2016 – Greatness attains a new height when a widely-recognized handicap such as deafness cannot come in the way of attaining success and this very philosophy was highly championed at popular mentor Charning Peters’ recent motivational event at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, Mayfair.

The event, “How To Find Your Own Greatness”, that was hosted on May 6 left the audience highly motivated through the inspiring persona and talks of Peters who used just sign language to prove that success is always attainable if one has the goodwill and determination – no matter how handicapping the circumstances are.

Peters is an inspiration in himself. Deaf since the tender age of 5, he did not give up in the face of his obstacles. Aiming to succeed in life in spite a dominating handicap like deafness, he took to Forex trader training and today he is one of the most successful traders who has even launched a Forex trading academy committed to deaf community. A man of many parts that he is, Charning is also an award-winner author – added to being a very successful mentor who has traveled to different countries to inspire people through his motivational speeches.

“How To Find Your Own Greatness” was one such motivational speech event by Peters that was meant to bring out the potential greatness inside the attendees and make them feel empowered, inspired & confident. The event was attended by a large host of women who seemed to be completely smitten by Charning’s charisma, inspiring brilliance, dedication to the deaf community and of course, a very classy sense of humor that left the audience in splits.

The event started from 7:30 with a networking session with Peters who appeared at the event with his ravishing supermodel “Queen”. It was followed by his inspiring speech and then a Q & A session with the audience.

After the event, even his bodyguards felt inspired and they told Queen what a fantastic and motivating speaker Charning is!

While asked about since he has quite a goodly story, how does he think of helping the deaf community at the Caribbean & parts of Africa, Peters’ reply was, as usual, laden with his patent goodwill & inspirational tone. Applauds roared as he answered –

“In my native place, they feel that deaf people can’t really achieve anything. When I went over there, they said-‘Oh, you’re so smart, so intelligent, are you deaf?’ I answered – ‘yes, I’m a deaf gentleman’. So, they wanted to use me as a role model to inspire the deaf community there as they haven’t seen anybody as this.”

He continued – “Thus, if I go to Caribbean or Jamaica or any other part of Africa, I will look for the deaf community to spread a similar word. I hope to spread some inspiration over there. Some would change, some would not. I won’t force anything on anybody, but for me it would be just an inspiration to other deaf people like myself.”

Peters believes that everybody has this right to pursue & share success, no matter how adversarial the situations are.

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