Best Friends

“If Riddick likes you, you’ve got a brave heart Chris.” Antwone is quite the opposite, the strong leader type, willing to stand out on the leading edge of confrontations while Chris, the next door neighbor, in a rough neighborhood, is meek, humble and open to harsh unkind bully attacks. Riddick, Antwone’s six month old German Sheppard has a special sense when it comes to people and their personalities. Not a vicious pet but not an easy dog to befriend. Even though Riddick is still considered a pup, he has the uncanny sense to detect the personalities of anyone who tries to get near.

Group of twelve dogs

Group of twelve dogs sitting in front of a white background

Both Chris and Riddick have broken home backgrounds. Antwone who has parents but no siblings, took a liking to Chris and has an unexplained urge to watch out for him and to teach him some street smarts to better prepare him from bullies. The same feeling he has for Riddick, since he found him abused by rough neighborhood kids in a desolate alley. Riddick was near starvation and infested with fleas and rat bites, being chained to a dumpster.

Chris was placed with aged foster parents after being abandoned by drug addict parents. He was, similar to Riddick, found chained to a dumpster behind a deli. Chained to the dumpster so he couldn’t wander before being found. Chris spent two hot days and warm nights whimpering in fear, dehydrated by the daytime sun, soaking up the smells of the rotting contents of the dumpster and being bitten by mosquito’s and rats. Those smells plagued him every night in his sleep.

Vivid dreams of reliving those cruel two days along with no sense of being cared about, was keeping Chris a prisoner. Meek and humble, wanting to withdraw from people association. Chris loved the attention Riddick showered upon him. The lashings of tongue kisses and a strong wagging tale along with the attention of Antwone, gave Chris the unexpected manifestation of his most desired thoughts. The freedom from his night dreams and street bullies like Martin.

Basic teachings of how to stand up to bullies with actual encounters to test those teachings of Antwone and the confidence of knowing of Riddick’s bravery, helped Chris to understand that thoughts do indeed become things. Thoughts of things wanted instead of constant thoughts of fear and worry of unwanted things began to show evidence of shaping his  own future. It was obvious when bullies like Martin, turned their attention to other targets. Antwone befriended Chris and Riddick was drawn to him as if they were long lost buddies reuniting from an earlier life. The things that Chris began to concentrate on the most, began to manifest more than the unwanted.

Just knowing that Antwone was the protector of Chris, the word spread fast in the London neighborhood. Knowing that Chris was being taught the strength’s of Antwone made a big difference too. The potential wrath of Riddick was another factor but there was the unexplained things that the mightier universe powers instilled in Chris that was the giant springboard for Chris’s freedom. Now knowing that your thoughts become things, there will be nothing that can hold him back from a life of living his wants and suppressing those unwanted things in life.

Amazing how the universe works. It was truly amazing how best friends, Antwone and Riddick started the evidence of his journey to that profound magical understanding. Chris found a new purpose in life. Teaching others about the law of attraction and the universe powers of giving.