Award winning author, successful Forex trader and international motivational speaker Charning Peters has recently launched his latest book that empowers millions to strive for success in spite of disabilities like deafness

London,UK,12th April 2016: All those who are afraid to try for success given their physical disabilities seem to have an inspiring guide now- award winning author and international mentor Charning Peters has recently launched his new book “Deaf And Wealth: The Professional Guide To Becoming A Successful Trader” that shows disabilities like deafness is never a limitation to success but a gift.

Peters is a successful Forex trader as well who trains aspiring traders to make it big in the currency world and his latest book shares the secrets of an easy route to make money in Forex trading. It is available at Amazon.

“Don’t think of yourself any less because of your disability and never underestimate your potentials for success. Deafness cannot be a limitation to your endeavors to success and this is what my latest book is all about. I have been through your struggles myself but I kept on moving till I could do something- and through my new book I am hopeful to instill that never-say-die attitude in all who are hesitant to look forward to a bright future given their disabilities”, stated the author while announcing about his latest book launch.

The international motivation speaker himself has been deaf since the tender age of 5 but despite his hardships in life, he never gave up and continued with his endeavors to rise up as a very profitable Forex trader. Today, he successfully runs a Foreign Exchange trading academy to help out budding traders from deaf community.

“I firmly believe that everybody has this right to pursue & share success & one should not keep it himself. If you are aspiring to learn what it takes to be a pro trader on Forex scene, my book has all the answers for you. In case you are stressed with your futile attempts at trading, this book will reveal the mistakes that are keeping you from that desired high profit.”

The book has been open about the typical errors committed by most of the retail traders and also shows how the traders can protect themselves from a major setback in trading.

The award winning author was recently at the esteemed 6th Asian Awards ceremony that was hosted by Grosvenor House Mayfair, London, on April 8. A widely popular name across the world given his transformational motivational speeches, Peters was seen being welcomed by great love and cheer from fans at the ceremony.

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The popular mentor would soon be seen speaking at his motivational event “How To Find Your Own Greatness” on May 6 at The Royal Institution of Great Britain, London. Added to people with disabilities, the networking and Q&A packed event is for anybody who is afraid to aim for success.

“By the end of my event you will discover yourself as a new person who is empowered, challenged, motivated and ready to strive for better- without being afraid of any limitations. I will also help you with a free copy of my latest inspiring book at the event.”

For more information about the book, go to Amazon